Mini cannelés quinoa, vegetables and parmesan
Pea, feta and mint pancakes
Mini blinis, ricotta cream and smoked trout
Mini buckwheat burgers, Toulouse sausage and onion confit
Sweet potato falafels with spicy yoghurt sauce
Marinated tofu skewers, soy sauce, honey and two sesame
Goat, honey and walnut muffins

Assortments of club sandwiches :

chicken/curry cream, charcuterie/pickles, smoked trout/ricotta cream, hummus/grilled vegetables

Pizzas with season vegetables

and more creations to ask !


Scones of summer vegetables and feta with herbs
Grilled peppers, tuna and basil mini cakes
Verrines of aubergine caviar and fresh goat cheese
Verrines of pana cotta zucchini and coconut curry



Comté, bacon and shallots scones
Butternut chestnut and whipped cream with hazelnuts verrines
Blue cream, crisp endives, crumbled walnuts and figs verrines
Salmon / trout rillettes, mustard leek fondue verrines


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2020 // Crêperie & Traiteur La Plaque Tournante, Miremont (31), France

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