Cuisiner dans notre laboratoire de cuisine


Because we sincerely believe that ecology is everyone's business, each one at its own scale, we have set up operating principles that are important to us

We do not want to use plastic dishes. Whenever possible, we serve reusable crockery and can make the connection with dish-renters - there are many in various styles!

For meals and buffets, our disposable tableware is composed of vegetable matter (corn pulp, sugar cane, wood) compostable and biodegradable.

We practice to the maximum the composting of our raw materials in the laboratory as on events. The compost produced is used to feed the vegetable garden in which grow some vegetables and herbs that we use. Arthur was trained by the association Humus & Associés in the practice of composting.

We try as much as possible to favor a direct supply from local producers in order to limit the costs, the journeys and to guarantee you a maximum quality of the products. Whenever possible, we buy in bulk (fewer containers, less waste) using reusable containers.

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